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Model: DMDHP70
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Model: DMDHP70

7KG Heat Pump Dryer

Thinking green,being sustainable. The heat pump system ranks highly in the energy efficiency standards, which makes the machine environment-friendly and eradicates pollution during the circles.

Heat pump driers are the most efficient way of drying your clothes, generally a heat pump dryer will use half the amount of energy per load compared to condenser or tumble driers. 6 Star Energy rating !

Product Details

•6 Star Rated

•True 7Kg Rated

•16 Programs inc. Denims, Delicate, Refresh

•Anti Crease Mode ... No more Ironing

•Sensor Picks Correct Times

•Internal Light, Transparent Window.

•180 Degree Door.

•Full Led Display.

•Designed for Homes and Apartments (No Venting needed)

•Aluminium Drum

•Child Lock

Heat pump dryers

These use a heat pump to both heat and dehumidify the processing air within the dryer unit.

Such dryers typically use less than half the energy per load of a condenser dryer or traditional vented dryer.

In this way not only does the dryer avoid the need for ducting, but it also conserves much of its heat within the dryer instead of exhausting it into the surroundings.

By comparison, traditional Clothes dryers are huge energy hogs; basically they use electricity to heat air, pick up the moisture from the clothing and then throw it outside. Then your home heater or air conditioner has to do more work heating or cooling the replacement air.

Savings from using a heat pump dryer could be $100s of dollars per year.

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