LG 9kg Front Load Washing Machine with Steam+

LG 9kg Front Load Washing Machine with Steam+

Samsung 16KG Auto Dosing Front Loader

Samsung 16KG Auto Dosing Front Loader

Samsung Air Dresser Clothing Care System

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Combining HeatPump technology and a variety of Special Care cycles, the Samsung AirDresser is a versatile solution for refreshing your clothes with ease. It has a sleek, minimalist design, allowing it to blend seamlessly inside your room or walk-in closet.

Key Features

  • Jet Air system and Air Hangers work together to release air which helps loosen and remove dust and odours from inside and outside of your garments
  • Steam function targets deep into the fabric to sanitise your clothes from viruses, bacteria, house mites, and other harmful substances
  • Wrinkle Care combines air with steam to smoothen out wrinkles and creases in your clothes
  • HeatPump Drying technology gently dries your clothes using low temperature levels for reduced risks of shrinkage and fabric damage

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