Vogue Induction Cooktop 600mm 4 zones

Vogue Induction Cooktop 600mm 4 zones

Vogue Wall Oven 80L 8 Function Stainless Steel Mirror Glass Door

Vogue Wall Oven 80L 8 Function Stainless Steel Mirror Glass Door


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Model: VCT-320265

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Strong & Resistant

The smooth finish of EuroKera glass ceramic is a joy for today’s cooks. Much stronger than tempered glass or other materials, glass-ceramic stands up to the effects of high heat, so even when it’s cool, hot pots and pans won’t harm the surface. It’s the safe and durable choice for cooktops.

Quick & Consistent Cooking

Glass-ceramic transmits heat quickly and evenly. The cooking surface also cools in less time than traditional stovetops, making cooking easier and more efficient.

Energy Efficient

Glass-ceramic cooktops reduce the amount of energy that’s lost during cooking – more heat goes directly into the pans. A EuroKera cooking surface can help keep your kitchen cooler, too.

Easy to Clean

The sleek, flat surface of a glass-ceramic cooktop requires very little maintenance to stay looking polished and new. Cooking spills and burned-on food are no match for the high-tech materials in our advanced cooking surfaces.


EuroKera’s glass-ceramic meets the highest safety standards for mechanical and thermal shock resistance. Rigorous mechanical testing, including the high-impact Ball Drop Test, and extreme temperature variation tests ensure that it won’t crack or break even under the most demanding conditions.

Environmentally friendly

At EuroKera, we care. Here are just a few examples of our commitment to a greener world:

Recycled 360 000+ tons of glass in 2017 as part of our manufacturing process at KeraGlass

Used no arsenic or antimony in EuroKera’s black substrates.

Reduced the number of buried wastes per panel by 50% between 2011 and 2014.
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