VOGUE Integrated Rangehood 850mm

VOGUE Integrated Rangehood 850mm

VOGUE Canopy Rangehood 900mm Black with Blue Mood Light

VOGUE Canopy Rangehood 900mm Black with Blue Mood Light


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Model: WP-VT266SL-S

Condition: Factory or Appliance Outlet refurbished item. Minor wear and tear may be apparent. Full factory or Appliance Outlet Warranty.

Warranty: 12 Months


Refurbished, excellent condition. The lowest price we can find on the net for new is $649 heres a refurbished one as new but without accessories for a fraction of that price!

No Crisp pan

Appliance Outlet resells Breville, Kambrook & Philips refurbished, seconds, damaged carton & end of line products. All reconditioned items undergo stringent operational checks, faulty parts replaced and are electrically tested and tagged to ensure compliance with electrical safety standards. Come into our massive showroom in Pakuranga to choose from our huge selection at ridiculously low prices,

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W 521 x H 299 x D 391 mm


CRISP Grill technology:

Whirlpool's special CRISP Plate pre-heats up to 210oC within two minutes turning the plate into a 'virtual frying pan'. Once the plate has been pre-heated, the CRISP Plate, quartz grill and 3-D technology are combined to evenly cook the food whilst crisping the base and top.

Jet Menu:

Because there's such a variety in the power and design of microwaves, pre-prepared frozen food products often do not offer instructions. Solution? Use the Jet Menu function and let it work out the ideal time and cooking method based on the weight and the type of food. Too easy!

3-D Distribution system:

Whirlpool's patented 3-D microwave distribution system created perfectly even cooking results with no cold or hot spots. The 3-D technology has been designed to deflect energy sources consistently inside the cavity using a third energy wave.

Jet Steam:

Whirlpool has designed a unique steam feature the preserves the taste, vitamins, and crispness of vegetables. It brings the liquid to boiling point quickly, steaming the food by means of a controlled, gentle simmering process, allowing just enough energy needed to create steam. (A thermo resistant, dishwasher safe steamer is included).

Jet Defrost:

500g of mince meat defrosted perfectly in three minutes! Using the 3-D distrubtion system, Jet Defrost evenly heats up the food from everywhere inside to avoid hot or frozen spots. Even faster results can be achieved by turning the food midway through the defrost process.

*12 Month Return to base Warranty

May show minor signs of use

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