Information about LG and Samsung products we sell

LG and Samsung products we sell fall into different categories compared to buying the same items elsewhere. 

Our exclusive sourcing arrangements enable us to provide these in demand high end products at the lowest possible prices

Samsung Products

Samsung products are generally always brand new, box damaged items. This means the packaging for the product has been damaged in some way or form resulting it the product not making it to normal retail stores. We buy all such Samsung products we can source, inspect and test in store before making them available to you at the lowest prices possible. You will enjoy the same quality Samsung product as sold at any other retailer in New Zealand with the advantage of the best possible buying prices. As part of our contract with the supplier of these Samsung products all Samsung factory warranties are void and Appliance Outlet take over the warranty provisions and servicing. We provide a 12 month warranty which can be extended to 5 years in most cases. Serial numbers are removed to prevent abuse of these terms and conditions of warranty. 

We also source small quanities of 100% brand new, non-box damaged Samsung product occasionaly. These items carry full Samsung factory warranty and are labeled and advertised differently from our box damaged Samsung product and will have the original Samsung serial number intact to enable service via Samsung NZ. 

LG Products

LG products vary in the range we sell. We are an LG authorised returns center and take in items from all over New Zealand. These products can range from new products, box damaged new products, display products right down to customer owned returns that may or may not have had a fault. All items are inspected and tested by our staff before being made available for sale, again at the lowest possible prices. Warranty is supplied by Appliance Outlet, there is no factory LG warranty available. Serial numbers are removed to prevent abuse of these terms and conditions of warranty.