Appliance Outlet (2020 ltd) Warranty Terms and Conditions

The warranty is given and provided by Appliance Outlet in additon to the coverage you recieve under the consumer guarantees act. The warranty has terms and conditions attached to it that in accepting the warranty you are also agreeing to.

Please read and fully understand these tems here.

By default, you are protected by the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act 1993. The Act specifies rights and remedies available to you if our goods fail to meet one or more of these guarantees. Appliance Outlet, its warranties and its terms of sale  will comply with all requirements of the Consumer Guarantees Act.

This specific warranty statement outlines terms, exclusions and guidelines over and above the standard consumer rights as stipulated by the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 and is applicable only to products purchased from Appliance Outlet.

Item Warranty Limitations

  • Misuse of a product and/or use for which it was not designed
  • Neglect, deliberate damage, failure to care for or maintain the product in an acceptable manner
  • Unauthorised repairs or modifications to the product
  • Minor imperfections not affecting performance or decorative value
  • Damage caused after removal and reinstallation, for example when moving house
  • The warranty is for personal or household use only. It excludes commercial or industrial use.

General Warranty Statement

For this product, Appliance Outlet provides a standard 12 Month Warranty unless otherwise noted on your invoice some products sold have up to 7 years manufacturers warranty, please check your invoice details for this information. 

The warranty covers materials, workmanship and labour within these specified and respective timeframes. Where no labour warranty period is specified, a standard 12 months labour warranty is provided. The labour warranty is subject to terms outlined in the “Warranty Service Areas” section.

Appliance Outlet will repair, replace or refund the item depending on how serious the fault is, except in circumstances outlined under “Warranty Limitations”. We will endeavour to remedy the warranty claim within a reasonable timeframe. Where it is not possible to provide repair or replacement, we will offer a refund. If we offer a replacement and the specific product is not available or no longer manufactured, we reserve the right to provide a similar product.

Appliance Outlet shall not be liable for consequential losses, damages, costs or inconvenience of any kind including loss of profit. In particular, Appliance Outlet shall not be liable for any loss, damage, expense, or inconvenience arising from:

a) the faulty installation of this Appliance Outlet product;
b) the combination, integration, or operation of this Appliance Outlet product with product not provided by Appliance Outlet;
c) where goods are used or adapted for a purpose for which they are not designed.

Proof of purchase is required for a warranty claim and warranties are not transferable. Contact Appliance Outlet directly as soon as you can and generally before engaging tradespeople to service or repair your item.

Warranty Limitations

This product warranty does not cover:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Consumable items such as door seals, light bulbs and grill / bake elements or group head seals on coffee machines and other consumable parts that would normally be a user replaceable part. 
  • Physical damage from miss use
  • Oven glass doors from damage due to incorrect usage or other impact
  • Variances in refurbished items versus brand new items

Other than damage during transport, Glass Cooktops are not covered by this warranty. Please ensure your cookware is suitable for use on the cooktop. Avoid rough cookware such as cast iron pots and pans. In addition, metal scrapers and abrasive cleaners should not be used to clean the cooktop.

Warranty Service Areas

In general, free warranty service areas include homes in central city suburbs/areas of Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Mt Maunganui, Wellington and Christchurch (excluding outlining areas and Islands).

In these areas, Appliance Outlet will endeavour to repair, replace or service your warranty claim within a 5 working day period.

In other areas, a travel surcharge and callout fees will apply which will be waived in a return-to-base situation.

Items to be serviced/inspected must be in a suitable (thoroughly clean) condition otherwise costs of cleaning and repair preparation may apply.

Repairs and repairers must be authorised by Appliance Outlet otherwise their repair costs may not be covered in full by warranty. The amount covered will be assessed by Appliance Outlet.

Standard service areas for appliances include within city metropolitan limits of all major New Zealand Cities. Areas outside of this will be subject to travel and transportation charges.

Appliance Outlet use our own service technicans in the Auckland region, outside of our coverage areas service will be passed to a 3rd party service agent. 

In some cases the manuafactuer will use their own service agents in Auckland or elsewhere to service their products, this is beyond the control of Appliance Outlet and within the manufactuers rights to do so. Appliance Outlet cannot be held responsible for 3rd party agents service timeframes nor the service they provide, while we do our best to work with only experienced service partners, these businesses are not ours and not under any control from us in any way at all. 

Installation, Workmanship, Testing and Inspection before Commissioning

Installations and workmanship not carried out by personnel authorised by Appliance Outlet are excluded by the provisions of this warranty. Please ensure you obtain a comprehensive written warranty from your tradesperson for all materials and workmanship completed and keep a copy of quotes, invoices, warranties and all correspondence.

All goods must be installed, serviced and/or operated by a qualified experienced tradesperson.

  • Installations must comply with industry standards and normal practices including pre-installation inspection and checking and post-installation testing of all functions for failure. Failure to comprehensively inspect for defects/flaws before installation (and on immediate arrival) can in some circumstances limit your claim under this warranty. This is due to the Appliance Outlet Limited not having control/care or custody of the product.
  • Sanitary, Plumbing and Drainage items must be installed by a registered industry professional.
  • Electrical Installations must be undertaken by a licensed electrical worker and a Certificate of Compliance or Electrical Safety Certificate (including Registration / Practicing licence number) may be required.

Electrical appliances must be tested via a full test cycle and maximum load placed on the appliance. Ovens and cooktops should be tested on a full electrical load for a minimum of 10 minutes.

Appliances with water - e.g. dishwashers, washing machines, waste disposals, water dispenser / ice maker fridges, will require a full run and complete pressure testing of all water seals, drains, pumps etc. to ensure there are no possible leaks from a full process.

All works required to be completed by a licensed electrical worker should have an accompanying Certificate of Compliance issued, if the unit was installed by Appliance Outlet staff these are normally issued via email on request, please contact us or advise your installer at the time and one will be emailed or sent.

Gas fitting must be completed by a Licenced Gas Fitter who must supply a Certificate of Compliance with the article.

Non-Warranty fees and charges

Items returned or claimed for warranty service that are found to be a non-warranty or user error fault will be charged at our minimum standard repair rates. These start at $65 for workshop repairs and $105 for in house repairs.

Should you refuse to pay the charges when an item is deemed non-warranty cover, the item will be left unrepaired and considered abandoned if not uplifted within 3 months (for workshop jobs) On-site jobs will require immediate payment in order to have the technican contiune any work. An inspection to diagnose a fault is considered meeting the minimum repair threshold and be charged as such. 

Fitted Appliance Definitions

Appliances that are fitted in place are exempt from RTB warranty and examples are listed below, if you are unsure if your item is RTB or on-site warranty please contact us.

Appliance Outlet reserves the right to have your item transported to our workshop for repairs if this is necessary. 


RTB (Return To Base Warranty)

TVs 55" and below size

Small Appliances

Free standing microwave ovens

Benchtop cookers

Coffee Machines

Bar fridges and wind coolers


Installed (fitted) Appliances 

Side by Side Fridges

Ovens and cooktops

Intergrated microwave ovens

Diswashers and washing machines

TVs over 65" in size